Potentially Yours: Tickets to See Taking Back Sunday

Hey, all — got a cool little giveaway deal to let everybody know about; SCR has been handed two pairs of tickets to the upcoming Taking Back Sunday show here in H-town, to be given away to two lucky readers/music fans out there. The band’s coming through town next Monday, July 4th at the House of Blues, playing with Thursday, Colour Revolt, and The New Regime, and I have to say that while I wouldn’t call myself a diehard fan of any one of those bands in particular (although I’m liking Thursday’s No Devolución quite a bit lately), together they make a pretty damn good lineup.

Personally, TBS are one of a very, very few of the crop of post-emo rock bands that’s come around the last half-decade or so that I actually like — which is no mean feat, considering that most of ’em actively irritate the crap out of me. The band harnessed/harnesses an impressive, Jimmy Eat World-inspired roar and marries it to smart, sharp-edged, bitter emo-kid lyrics and practically demands you (well, me, at least) bang your head & pump your fist.

I’ve only heard one track so far, “Faith,” from the band’s self-titled latest album, released today, and while it’s definitely different from what I’ve heard from these guys — poppier, certainly — it’s not half bad… Check it out right here:

Anyway, on to the giving-away bit: if you want to win one of the pairs of tickets, send an email to “contests” at “spacecityrock dot com” with the “Subject:” line “I Want TBS!” In the email, too, explain why and/or how much you want the tickets — the more creative/personal, the better. We’ll be picking winners somewhat at random, but hey, every little nudge helps, right?

As an added potential bonus, there’s also a contest being run right now by the folks at Coca-Cola, where you can not only get another chance to win tickets to the H-town show but can also maybe win a “VIP trip” to NYC or entry to the Coke Secret Soundcheck, which is basically the band playing a ridiculously intimate little three-song pre-show gig for, well, you and a couple of other people.

The deadline for both our little giveaway and Coke’s is this coming Thursday, June 30th, so get to emailing/entering…

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