Winter Wallace, Holiday

Winter Wallace, Holiday

There is no easy way to describe the experience of listening to Holiday, the latest full-length by Winter Wallace (who, as their Facebook page is careful to note, is a band, not just a singer with backing musicians). On the one hand, there’s the music — Holiday has huge arrangements that include piano, guitar, cello, and other strings that create an expansive sound without getting overburdened by their own weight. There’s a childlike nostalgia to many of the songs, coming from the use of bells, music boxes, and other percussive elements. There’s also a grandioseness to the music that never lends itself to a sense of smug satisfaction or pretentiousness.

On the other hand, you have singer Winter Wallace herself, who through the seven tracks on Holiday showcases her powerful voice and impressive vocal ability. She sings with a rich, earthy tone and an intriguing, chesty vibrato. Her songwriting is crafty, full of beautiful melodies, lyrical charm, and sugary hooks that you find yourself singing along to after just one listen. She definitely poured her heart and soul into this album, which was recorded at Sugarhill Studios (many of the songs include Mr. Dan Workman himself, the studio’s owner, on bass).

Holiday opens with its four strongest tracks, and although each song has something special to appreciate, be on the lookout for “Orion,” which is easily a song I could put on repeat and listen to endlessly. You can catch a glimpse of Winter Wallace live on the Live at SugarHill Web series, as well. I wouldn’t be going out on a limb if I said that this is an über-talented band that is not to be missed.

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