Tonight: Weird Party, Milk Music, & Chest Pain @ Rudz (No Black Congress, Sorry…)

I’m currently knee-deep in my writeup of the past weekend’s insanity, but I wanted to pop up real quickly to mention the show at Rudyard’s tonight (Tues., June 7th), which involves a bit of a lineup change…

Seems one of the guys in Black Congress (I think it’s Roy Mata, but I’m not positive) had an unfortunate, um, accident of a kind I’m not gonna go into here that’s preventing him from playing tonight — it looks like they weren’t able to play Sunday at Summerfest, either — and so full-on stab-punks Weird Party (who were one of the highlights on Saturday, for me) will be playing in their place. Sad, yet badass.

And yep, it’s made badass-er still by openers Milk Music (a trio from Olympia, which makes a hell of a lot of sense) & Chest Pain (from Austin). The latter does a fun, neck-snappingly fast hardcore thing, while the former comes off closer to fuzzed-out, rock-gone-wrong sludginess, like a meaner, tougher Dinosaur Jr. or a more-melodic Mudhoney.

If you want to hear Milk Music, btw, you can download their Beyond Living 12″ over at Ongakubaka; the title track, in particular, is pretty great. Thanks to the BC guys for the link — get better soon, y’all…

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