“Through the Lens of the Bald Heretic” Exhibit, Opening Thursday

If you pay any attention at all to things music- and/or technology-related in Houston, then odds are that you’ve seen or heard the guy’s work, even if you don’t realize it. Jay Lee, possibly better known as The Bald Heretic, has been taking awesome, awesome photographs of all kinds of stuff in our fair city (and elsewhere, too) for several years now, and he’s come up with some amazing shots.

Beyond that, he also co-hosts the Technology Bytes show on KPFT, has played with folk band The Flying Fish Sailors since the late ’80s, and yes, is also one of the top IT guys where I work. He’s all-around Good People. (And no, the fact that he’s saved my ass electronically multiple times has nothing to do with this post; I liked the guy’s radio show, in particular before I realized I actually worked with him.)

Anyway, you can see some of his work on Flickr, but the reason for this here post is to mention that Jay’s having his first-ever solo show of his photographs this coming Thursday, June 2nd, over at The Continental Club. It’s called “Through the Lens of the Bald Heretic,” and I have to say that it looks pretty damn cool. The guy does some neat stuff…

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