Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Weenie Roast + Binarium Sound Series + Caroline Sessions + Loudness + More

The last day before Memorial Day is upon us — Sunday, May 29th — and still plenty going on, don’t worry.

Comicpalooza‘s still running, for one thing (sorry, forgot to mention that one yesterday), but honestly, far cooler is the 4th Annual Weenie Roast over at Dan Electro’s. I dunno Austin’s Adrian and the Sickness, unfortunately, but I dig both fellow Austin boys Amplified Heat and resurrected grrrl-rockers Mydolls.

Beyond that, there’s also the first of the new-and-improved Binarium Sound Series shows, now happening over at 14 Pews (800 Aurora; you might know the place as the old home of the Aurora Picture Show). The BSS shows will apparently now be on the last Sunday of each month, from 7-10PM, and I think they’re free (but don’t hold me to that, eh?).

This first installment includes a big pile of cool folks, namely Neutronium, Thomas Helton’s Core Trio, and collaborations between Robert Pearson, Carl Smith, Abel Cisneros, & Damon Smith on the one hand & Konstantin Kouzas and BSS maestro Jonathan Jindra on the other. Should be very cool.

Speaking of recurring-type events, tomorrow sees The Caroline Sessions returning once again to the Caroline Collective, this time with out-of-town folks Walker Lukens and Grand Child both playing.

I haven’t yet heard either band, I’m afraid, but they sound like an interesting bunch, at least — last year Lukens and a photographer apparently retraced Huck Finn’s steps up the Mississippi, a trip which sounds damn cool to me, and documented the whole thing through photos & song. Besides, the Sessions folks seem to have pretty good taste, so it’s a fair bet these folks do some good stuff, as well; go, hang out, listen, eat potluck food, etc., etc. One of these damn days, I’ll make it over there, myself…

And hey, old-school metalheads get a fun one tonight, too — Japanese ’80s metal band Loudness is playing at Warehouse Live. No, seriously; these guys were briefly big in metal circles back in the early ’80s, with the song “Crazy Nights,” which I only vaguely remember (and I was into some seriously obscure hair-metal back then), before sinking into obscurity in the early ’90s. They apparently kept putting out albums the whole damn time, but I haven’t heard a thing from ’em, sadly.

If you ever wondered what KISS would’ve looked & sounded like if they were Japanese, well, these were the guys. Behold:

Dear God, I want that guy’s drumkit — not to play, mind you, but so my kids can use it as a jungle gym. Holy shit.

Here’s the full list for tonight/today:

Comicpalooza 2011, featuring The Hectic, Denise Vasquez, Happy! Project, The Lost Boys, Midnight Carnival, Ozeal, The Side Quest, Sievert, Skeleton Dick, & more Adam Warrock @ George R. Brown Convention Center
The 4th Annual Weenie Roast, featuring Adrian and the Sickness, Cock N’ Balls, Bug Girl, Ese, Amplified Heat, Wide Open Throttle, No Love Less, & Mydolls @ Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar
The Caroline Sessions, featuring Walker Lukens & Grand Child @ Caroline Collective (2-6PM)
Binarium Sound Series, featuring Neutronium, Thomas Helton’s Core Trio, Robert Pearson/Carl Smith/Abel Cisneros/Damon Smith, & Konstantinos Kouzas/Jonathan Jindra @ 14 Pews (800 Aurora St.; 7-10PM)
Loudness/War Machine/Dirty Passion/Mercenary X/Love and War @ Warehouse Live (Studio)
Stationery/Flowers To Hide @ Dean’s Credit Clothing

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