I Came Here To Tell You I Hated It

Austin Havican
151C Comm. Bldg.
University of Houston
“holemoles” at “gmail dot com”

This one’s not really a zine, honestly; it’s actually a collection of a comic strip called “Mole Holes,” which is/was published in the University of Houston‘s Daily Cougar and revolves/revolved around two moles (“The Optimist” and, I guess, “The Pessimist”?) who poke their heads out of the ground and argue/chat about various things.

Sadly, it looks like the Website listed in the collection doesn’t exist anymore, so I’m betting that the comic strip’s long gone now, too. Damn.

Zine writeup by . Zine writeup posted Saturday, May 21st, 2011. Filed under Zines.

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