Keep an Eye Out: Crazed Psych-Folkies Roving About Town

A little late on this, as always, but I just wanted to give folks a heads-up that quirky, somewhat strange psychedelic/hypnotic outfit A Thousand Cranes is reportedly out roaming the city right now, acoustic instruments in hand. Which, honestly, is a little mystifying to me, since everything I’ve heard ’em do up to now has been fairly heavily electronic (or amplified, at least), with lots of drones and chants and whatnot.

But hey, whatever the hell they’re doing, it should be interesting, at the very least. So keep an eye out for a raggedy, vaguely unsavory-looking gang of oddballs meandering their way through your neighborhood and playing what’ll undoubtedly be some severely cracked folk-y music. And personally, I’m happy to see more experimental, post-punk busking going on out there in the world…

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