Houston Peace Festival, Today

I’m woefully behind on my quasi-daily list of stuff to this weekend, I know, but I wanted to briefly mention a particular neat-sounding show during the daylight hours; today (Saturday, May 14th), the Live Oaks Friends Meeting (located at 1318 W. 26th) is hosting the Houston Peace Festival 2011, which is meant to be a cool little celebration focusing on making the world a better, safer place, in line with Quaker beliefs (hence the “peace” part).

The Meeting folks will have food & fun stuff for the kids, as well as a display of Art Cars, all of which is very cool to me, at least, but the real draw is the slate of bands playing. There’s rapper Zin, who I’ve heard is good, Brandon West and the Black Hats, who I’ve wanted to check out for a while now, funksters Zwee, interesting-sounding indie-folk kids Ben & Ciaran, and best of all, wide-grinning indie-rock dudes Young Mammals.

The whole thing’s free, I believe, and it runs from 1PM to 7PM — stop on by somewhere in there & check it out. Yours truly may be up there at some point during the afternoon, assuming the midgets aren’t too sick to do anything.

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