Sporadic MP3age: Joe Pug + Strand of Oaks + Hold Steady (All Tonight!) + Sarah Jaffe + Voxhaul Broadcast + More

Wow. It’s been way too long since I did this last (October, I think?), and so there’s an honest-to-God flood

Registration for Girls Rock Camp Houston 2011 Now Open

Cool, cool news, y’all — thanks to the hard work of a lot of very dedicated people, it appears that Girls Rock Camp Houston has survived to rock out another year. Which is awesome on many levels…

Something Fierce Record Release, Tonight at Mango’s

Yep; in case you hadn’t already seen/heard the news, awesome, awesome H-town punk trio {Something Fierce} are back on the scene again, with new full-length Don’t Be So Cruel due out April 12th

Something Fierce, Don’t Be So Cruel

Something Fierce is out to change the world. Not in any kind of end-world-hunger kind of way, mind you, but still, that’s the feeling I get after listening to Don’t Be So Cruel, the trio’s latest full-length. I mean, sure, they’ve always been about making things better in general…

H-Town Mixtape

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