Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Art Institute + Satin Hooks + Black Lips + Weird Party + Pontiak + American Sharks + More

Gotta do this quick, y’all, but there’s plenty going on tonight, Friday, April 29th, even if I can’t give a detailed rundown on all of it…

First up, there’s a cool show tonight at Walter’s, with the excellent {Art Institute} & Satin Hooks, which I really want to point to because the flyer that’s gone around for the show (see over there on the right) has the eventual address for the relocated Walter’s on it, not the current, still-accurate address on Washington itself. They ain’t moved just yet, y’all.

Tonight’s biggie for me is the Black Lips show at Fitzgerald’s with the resurrected Weird Party & newcomers Infinite Apaches; I’ve never been a huge Black Lips fan, but I’ve liked some of their stuff, and I really like H-town’s own WP quite a damn bit. Have yet to hear Infinite Apaches (sorry), but hopefully I will soon.

On the less-raw tip, there’s the show at The Mink with dronesters Cloudland Canyon, heavy, brain-melting psych-rockers Pontiak, and…um, local garage-rock gang American Sharks? The hell? Eh, whatever — they’re a good band, as are Pontiak, albeit in very, very different ways. Cloudland Canyon I’m still a little “meh” on, I’m afraid — full-length Fin eaves has yet to grow on me a whole lot.

Then there’s the benefit for the HIVE Houston group at the Avant Garden, which includes the awesomely murky hip-hop/rock collective Mantis. The HIVE Houston thing is pretty neat, as well, a group that’s attempting to build a new kind of living/working space out of shipping containers. Kinda fits Houston better than shiny new skyscrapers, honestly.

There’s plenty more, including the return of the very-cool-sounding play Becoming Kinky to the Mucky Duck & Oi!-punks Chelsea Hotel at the House of Blues; here’s the full list:

Black Lips/Weird Party/Infinite Apaches @ Fitzgerald’s
Cloudland Canyon/Pontiak/American Sharks @ The Mink
Saxton Fox/Art Institute/Satin Hooks/Nikkhoo @ Walter’s
HIVE Houston Benefit, featuring Mantis, Franchise & Yung, & more @ Avant Garden
Fuska/Atom Age/Bending Villa/Days N Daze @ Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar
Seedy Punk Fest, featuring The Inanimate Objects, Chelsea Hotel, Anarchitex, & Liquid Casing @ House of Blues
Harington Saints/The Ballistics/Roots of Exile @ The Brewery Tap (717 Franklin)
Becoming Kinky @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
Houston International Festival, featuring Kronos Quartet, Homayun Sakhi Trio, & Houston Grand Opera @ Downtown Houston
Thunderkunt/The Incredible Czarhoons/The Examples @ Fitzgerald’s (free!)
The Freddie Steady Five/Chase Hamblin/The Allen Oldies Band @ The Continental Club
Yelawolf/Gerald Walker/Cardo/Trae Tha Truth/Roosh Williams/Kyle Hubbard/Doughbeezy/DJ Mr. Rogers @ Warehouse Live
Reggae Rhythm Revival, featuring D.R.U.M., Bigga Star, Mr. Blacc Sheep, & DJ Zin @ Last Concert Cafe

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