Pale CD Release, Tonight at Warehouse Live

Not sure what the heck it is about tonight, but not only is The Literary Greats‘ CD release happening, but so is a celebration with longstanding rock dudes Pale, who are gearing up to release their second full-length, In the Time of Dangerous Men.

I’d originally heard that the album wouldn’t be released tonight, but per the band’s Website, that’s apparently no longer the case — it’s out as of today, which makes it even cooler that the Pale guys will be making a live appearance (which is somewhat rare for these guys here at home in H-town) and playing songs off the new album.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen these guys live, I have to admit, dating back to their proto-emo days in the mid-/late-’90s, and I’ve followed ’em from a distance as they morphed from that early Sunny Day Real Estate-gone-New Wave sound to the more epic, Brit-rock, almost Muse-esque sound of recent years. And no, I haven’t yet been able to check out Dangerous Men myself, but I’m happy as hell to see they’re still alive & kicking and making music. If you want a more detailed rundown of what the band’s newest stuff sounds like, head on over to Houston Calling, where David Cobb‘s written a few times about the band lately.

The band’s playing tonight at Warehouse Live, alongside The Shiny Darks, whom I have yet to hear, and Come See My Dead Person, whom I have (and who are very neat themselves, if totally, completely far-off from Pale, music-wise).

Oh, and before you head over to the Warehouse, be sure to check out the awesome, Terminator-influenced, post-apocalyptic video for “Catastrophic Skies,” the single from the forthcoming album. The nine-minute mini-film stars the Pale guys and Southern BacktonesHank Schyma, features guitar-wielding bands of resistance fighters, and, well…wow. Just wow. Here goes:

If this is what the world looks like after the Apocalypse, hey, maybe it’s not all that bad…

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One Response to “Pale CD Release, Tonight at Warehouse Live”

  1. creg on April 30th, 2011 at 1:22 am

    oh, ok. yep. i was there earlier, during a beatles cover band, but we left to get to the Willie Nelson show downtown… i barely missed y’all

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