Video Time: Talking with Benjamin Wesley

SCR writer Robin Babb has been working hard lately to cover the very cool Caroline Sessions shows (mostly) over at the Caroline Collective (full disclosure time: yep, she works there, too) — if you read this site at all regularly, you’ve probably seen some of the interviews around it.

Along the way, she’s been working with Tom Paynter of Paynter Media, the guy behind the Sessions themselves.

And, as it turned out, she & Tom were able to sit down with singer/songwriter/one-man-band Benjamin Wesley recently, at the Houston Twestival, and she had a cool little chat with Ben about the nature of music-making, the ups and downs of DIY recording, and the whole digital-vs-analog fight. Honestly, it’s pretty great.

Check it out either on Robin’s site (see the link in that second-to-last sentence) or right here:

The Sessions are on a little bit of a break, btw, but they’ll be back on Sunday, May 15th, with Runaway Sun & Tim Qualls, so keep an eye out…

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