Here We Go Magic, Pigeons

Here We Go Magic, Pigeons

Pigeons, the sophomore album from Brooklyn-based indie-rock band Here We Go Magic, is a collection of experimental, sometimes trippy songs with unique, interesting sounds similar to a very toned-down Animal Collective, with at-times shrill vocals and an overall sound similar to Q and Not U.

The album as a whole is a very interesting collection of songs, but aside from one or two tracks, I have a hard time picking out songs from the bunch. Most of them run together in my mind, but only one or two really stick out to me. One of those songs happens to also be the best one on the entire album, and one of my favorite songs from last year, as well.

“Collector” is an amazing, catchy pop song with great lyrics, cool vocals that almost sound like a Bon Iver song, and a chorus that will get you chanting along with the band by the second verse. I just wish that more songs on the album were similar to this one. This song also happens to be placed second on the album, giving hope that the rest of it will follow suit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t; this is really the most upbeat, tangible track on Pigeons.

Another thing I really love about this particular track is how drawn-out it is. The lyrics end with at least two minutes remaining on the song, but the band keeps playing, dragging the song out as if it were a live performance and they’re improvising an ending.

The other track that stands out from the rest each time I listen to the album is “Old World United.” It’s the album’s only other really upbeat, catchy track.

There’s no denying that Here We Go Magic is a talented band, but this album as a whole didn’t really do much for me. “Collector” would definitely be in my top 30 songs of 2010, but that’s about it. So go download that track, if nothing else. It’ll be stuck on repeat for a while and in your head even longer. I promise.

[Here We Go Magic is playing 5/23/11 at Fitzgerald’s, along with Caveman.]
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