Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Caroline Sessions + Bobby Long + Ragged Hearts + Lion of Wall Street + More

It may be Sunday (April 10th, to be precise), but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck in terms of bands to see, shows to check out, etc. — there’s still a handful of cool things going on, even as the weekend winds down…

First & somewhat foremost is this weekend’s edition of The Caroline Sessions, that cool, low-key showcase thing that’s held intermittently at the Caroline Collective & other like-minded venues ’round town. Today’s show is actually at the Collective — apologies if any of our writeups of previous shows that weren’t steered anybody wrong — from 2-5PM, which means you’ve still got plenty of time to get over there.

The bad news, unfortunately, is that out-of-town headliner Adrian Hardkor won’t be playing today — apparently he’s had some kind of medical emergency & was unable to make it to town. But never fear: the bluesy/folky Robin Kirby will still be playing, as will duet outfit Puente, who play music that’s less “folk” and more “Good Old-Time Music,” a la O Brother, Where Art Thou?. And hey, it’s free; what more do you want?

If you can’t do anything in the daylight hours, mind you, you’re not totally out of luck. Fitzgerald’s has my personal top pick of the evening, with British-born folk-rocker dude Bobby Long & awesome, awesome roots-rock outfit Ragged Hearts — it promises to be a great show. And hey, if you are out & about this afternoon, swing by Cactus at 3PM to see Long doing it solo.

Beyond that, there’s full-on metal madness at Numbers with Metal Zone Jam 1 (and okay, I have to say it: isn’t numbering the first event kind of weird? Just strikes me as odd…) And for the hardcore/metalcore kids, there’s a cool-sounding show at The Mink with The Lion of Wall Street, Killer Ape, & a pile of other bands.

That’s pretty much everything cool I know about, but hell, here’s the full list anyway, just for completeness’ sake:

Metal Zone Jam 1, featuring Fallacy, Souls of Agony, Necrofaith, Mercenary X, Melovine, The Hectic, Wide Open Throttle, Crank Case, Silenced Within, Forever Falls, & Cern @ Numbers
The Lion of Wall Street/No Reprieve/Killer Ape/Slow Ride/Still Alive @ The Mink
The Caroline Sessions, featuring Puente & Robin Kirby @ Caroline Collective (2-5PM)
Bobby Long/Ragged Hearts @ Fitzgerald’s

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