Tomorrow: Houston Palestine Film Fest Fundraiser

Compared to the rest of this weekend, Sunday, April 3rd, is actually kinda-sorta slow, I’m afraid. There’s the John Mellencamp show at Jones Hall, South African reggae dudes Tidal Waves at Super Happy Fun Land, and that’s almost it (at least, for stuff I like).

Well, except for what’s on at Fitz, namely a fundraiser to help out the ever-neat Houston Palestine Film Festival. I’ll admit, I’ve never been able to make it to the fest itself, but I keep meaning to…

Anyway, this is the festival’s fifth annual fundraiser-type deal, and it sounds like a crap-ton of cool stuff. There’s reportedly going to be music, poetry, and comedy, although I’m not entirely sure who on the bill’s responsible for what. I mean, I know & love jazzy, funky oddball collective the Free Radicals, and I’m assuming Khaled the Comic is a comedian, but beyond that I’ve got no clue. And it’s a darn good cause, so hey.

The festival itself, by the way, is scheduled for May 13-14 and May 20-21 of this year, so mark yr calendars…

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