Tomorrow: Menil Community Arts Fest & Indie Book Fest

I’m about to fall down flat, I’m so freaking tired — it’s been a rough, rough week — but I didn’t want to skip past this one without at least a quick mention… Tomorrow (Saturday, April 2nd) is the return of the excellent-sounding Menil Community Arts Festival, which is this fun day where a whole bunch of arts-related groups come together to throw, well, a big art party out on the ground of The Menil Collection.

Seriously, while this isn’t strictly about music, it sounds very cool; the Aurora Picture Show is screening some short films (including their Popcorn Kids video salons at 1PM & 2:30PM), the Houston Center for Photography will have an exhibit, there’ll be at least one art sale, and there’ll be a bunch of workshops on everything from making ceramics to making stop-motion animation. Nice.

On top of all that, this is sort of a “twofer” festival, a festival-within-a-festival, with the also excellent-sounding Indie Book Fest going on right there on the same grounds. For that particular part of the fest(s), there’ll be readings from various authors (none of whom I’m familiar with, sorry; check the site for details), interspersed with music by Golden Arrow Holy Face.

There’ll be more music in the “main” area, as well, including performances by Kennedy Bakery‘s Erin Rodgers, Sam Dinkins III, and Austin’s Riyaaz Qawwali. There’s more, but my head hurts…

This whole thing runs from 11AM to 5PM, on the grass outside the Menil, and it’s free & open to anybody who wants to come. Folks, it’s stuff like this that makes me love this city; don’t miss out.

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