Found Footage Fest, Tomorrow at Fitz

Ever wonder what happens to old video tapes, now that VHS players are steadily creeping towards dodo-dom (although yeah, we still have one, mostly because Midget #2 likes watching the old Thomas the Tank Engine videos)? Well, Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher know the answer: they’re rescuing all those old videos from the dustin of history, celebrating the most inane, bizarro, out-and-out freaky videos you can imagine, with their roving Found Footage Festival.

Think of this as the video equivalent of FOUND Magazine, with the crucial difference that the videos here were (by and large, anyway) meant to be seen; they were actually created by real-live people, who spent actual money to put this ridiculous shit to videotape. Which, in a way, makes these videos even crazier. Take a look at the clips on the FFF site (link’s above) for a taste of what these guys’ catalog is like.

Heck, here’s a cheeseball gun-safety clip, which actually features Gerald McRaney and another character actor (“Jeff”) I’ve seen on The X-Files:

Personally, I like that these guys only use real, physical video tape for all their shows — they don’t use anything found on YouTube, which is a challenge in this era of digital, everywhere-and-anywhere video.

They’ll be in town tomorrow (well, okay, tonight), Tues., March 29th, over at Fitzgerald’s, unspooling the sublime and strange and talking about it up onstage. $10; what else are you doing on a Tuesday night?

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One Response to “Found Footage Fest, Tomorrow at Fitz”

  1. Robin Babb on March 29th, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    So great. I hope to make it!

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