Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Murs + The Octopus Project + Arthur Yoria + Two Star Symphony + More

Hey, all — gotta make it quick, as I’m headed off to some anniversary-celebrating with the wife this evening… Tonight (Friday, March 25th) is one hell of a busy night (er, and day, too), though, so there’s plenty, plenty to check out. So much so that I can’t cover the whole damn thing. sigh.

In particular, though, the Murs show up at Fitzgerald’s looks badass — I’ve loved Murs with Felt & Living Legends, although I’ve never heard him solo, and punk-rap dudes Whole Wheat Bread are awesome all by themselves.

Oh, and along the same lines but a bit more local, the show tonight at Walter’s for The Killafornianz‘ CD release looks very cool, esp. the irregularly-capitalized iLL LiaD.

Then there’s Warehouse Live, which has not only quirky anti-pop icons Devo playing here for the first time in I-dunno-how-long, but also Austin’s The Octopus Project, a band I well & truly love, seriously.

On a little more low-key note, ex-Houstonian Arthur Yoria is back in town from NYC tonight, playing up in the Heights at WineStyles The Vintage (I think that’s the name) — while it kills me the guy no longer lives here, he’s still damn good, y’all.

Where’ll I be? Good question — kinda depends on the wife (well, and whether or not the rain holds off, but y’know). Right now I’m kind of aiming for a post-dinner trip Discovery Green, either to check out Patrice Pike (finally) or see/hear Two Star Symphony provide live accompaniment to Buster Keaton‘s silent classic Steamboat Bill.

Anyway, here’s the pile; enjoy:

Murs/Tabi Bonney/Whole Wheat Bread/Ab-Soul/DJ Foundation @ Fitzgerald’s
University of Houston Frontier Fiesta, featuring Wale, The Niceguys, Phil Wade, & 2Twenty Music Group @ Robertson Stadium
Arlo Guthrie @ House of Blues
Devo/The Octopus Project @ Warehouse Live
Arthur Yoria @ WineStyles The Vintage (10300 Louetta Rd.; 8-10:30PM)
Southern Culture On The Skids @ The Continental Club
The Killafornianz (CD release)/Renzo/Skepticynic/Ill LiaD/Celebrate The Villain/D-Sin/Wes Coas/DJ Creap @ Walter’s
Reggae Rhythm Revival, featuring D.R.U.M. @ Last Concert Cafe
The Houston Sound Spring Concert Series, featuring Patrice Pike @ Market Square Park (downtown; 6:30-8:30PM)
Sideshow Tramps/Vagabond Swing @ Rudyard’s
Bad Ones/BFI/Vatos Locos @ Mango’s
Amplified Heat (CD release)/Vehement Burn/A Fetish Vendetta @ ECHO
Tomball German Heritage Festival, featuring Alpenfest, Chris Rybak, Sauerkrauts, Blue Yonder, Brendon Mak, Kenny James, Das Ist Lustig/Lustige Tanzers, & Cloggers On The Move @ Downtown Tomball

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