Yr. (Late) Weekend, Pt. 2: Overflow Fest + Giant Battle Monster + The Tyburn Jig + Jealous Creatures + Gladys Knight + More

The site’s getting short shrift again tonight, I’m afraid; it’s been a crazy couple of days, trying to get a ton of stuff done while I’ve been technically on vacation, and right now I’m in the horrific throes of re-doing the back room, which basically means moving everything out of it, ripping up the carpet, and putting in a wood floor. Gah. Shoot me.

As always, though, you definitely should not be suffering alongside me; there’s a crapload of cool stuff going on tonight (Sat., March 19th, that is), and I’d be ridiculously remiss if I totally let it drop…

Foremost in my mind, of course, is the ongoing SXSW Overflow Fest over at the Super Happy — yeah, I know I’ve blown it again on the writing-up-every-band thing, which sucks especially for tonight, because I’ve heard Binary Marketing Show (who played here just the other night with listenlisten) and Ghost Scorpion are both very cool. Sorry, y’all; I’ll get back on the horse soon, honest. In the meantime, just listen for yourselves (links are on the SHFL site) or just plain go in blind and be amazed at what you’ll run across…

Speaking of downtown venues, the Notsuoh/Dean’s Credit Clothing convergence on Main is hopping tonight, with a badass-sounding spazz-rock show at the former venue, in the lineup for which are Somosuno, Giant Battle Monster, analog-electronics legend JD Emmanuel, and, um, naked-gettin’ dudes Clockpole. (GBM, in particular, are freaking great. And they wield more pedals than I even knew existed.) And at the latter venue, there’s great, great band The Tyburn Jig, whose melding of dark, Nick Cave-like art-rock and spaghetti-Western theme songs always bowls me over.

Heading on into the Montrose ‘hood, there’s metal dudes Venomous Maximus over at Rudyard’s, and the return of Goth icon Peter Murphy to H-town at Numbers, as part of the 12th anniversary party for the Underworld series of shows.

Oh, and at the Avant Garden, Jealous Creatures, a new band that includes ex-Japanic member Josh Barry and which promises to be very cool — granted, I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I’m glad to see Josh back playing again…seems like it’s been a while.

Then there’s the legendary Gladys Knight, of course, who I thought was playing tonight at the Arena Theatre over in Sharpstown…only that now she’s not listed anywhere on their Website. Ah, crap. Hope that means it didn’t get cancelled — on the positive side, Ms. Knight still has the show listed on her site; maybe it’s just that it’s going on right now?

Alright, I’ve got to get back to slapping down floorboards. Full list right about here:

Underworld’s 12 Year Anniversary Bash, featuring Peter Murphy, DJ Mina, DJ vvJames, & The Dead Bang @ Numbers
SXSW Overflow Fest, featuring The Alex Anderson Band, DB and the Catastrophe, Bird Names, Binary Marketing Show, State Champion, Moga, & Ghost Scorpion @ Super Happy Fun Land
The Tyburn Jig/Emily Long Band @ Dean’s Credit Clothing
Clockpole/Somosuno/Giant Battle Monster/Interference/JD Emmanuel @ Notsuoh
Horse and Dagger/Jealous Creatures (ex-Japanic!)/The Grass Skirts @ Avant Garden
Venomous Maximus/Royal Thunder @ Rudyard’s
Gladys Knight @ Arena Theatre
Kills and Thrills/The Examples/The Wrong Ones/Black Tuesday/The Hangouts @ Houston House of Creeps (7:30PM; $5)
JMG Music Showcase, featuring The Hectic, Adeline, The Karma Kollective, Series Six, Bullet Cell, & Epic @ Warehouse Live

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