Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Spring Forward (Plus Reviews!) + South By Due East + Los Skarnales Tour Kickoff + More

Running out of time yet again, unfortunately, so I’m going to have be kinda brief about what all’s going on today/tonight, Saturday, March 12th

I had been hoping to be able to make it out to the Spring Forward Music Festival Jason Smith & promoter Eric Dean are putting on today over at Groundhall & ECHO, but now the wife’s feeling ill, and I’m on Midget Duty, sadly, for the forseeable future. sigh.

If you can get out — unlike, say, me — I’d say you need to make the fest your first stop; there are some awesome folks playing today & tonight, both inside & outside. For two, check out reviews we got up for the somewhat-recent Alkari DVD and Bright Light Social Hour full-length here and here, respectively. Oh, and look here for more detailed info. Seriously, it’s going on right now, and it’s bound to be awesome.

There’s also the second night of the South By Due East festival going on tonight at Dan Electro’s, and the bill includes Chase Hamblin and The Lotus Effect, both of whom I like quite a bit; well worth checking out. And old-school ska dudes Los Skarnales are having a tour kickoff show tonight with tourmates La Guerilla and fellow locals Somosuno — also very cool. Glad to see those Skarnales guys breaking free of the Houston orbit, finally…

There’s more, too, but I’ve got get offline for now, I’m afraid; here’s the full pile:

Spring Forward Music Festival, featuring What Made Milwaukee Famous, Ume, The Bright Light Social Hour, Electric Touch, Glasnost, Mobley, iLL LiaD, The Killafornianz, Winter Wallace, Alkari, The Gold Sounds, The Dead Revolt, Tax the Wolf, Ozeal, Rivers, Viva Viva, Journey Agents, Frank Smith, Absolute Pistol, Tacks The Boy Disaster, The Boxing Lesson, Jim and the Toms, Another Run, Lights of Attica, Yokomono, Supervolcano, Ellis.Atlantic, Amorette, Art Institute, Featherface, The True Value, Making Movies, Dirty Dishes, Grass is Green, Jay Satellite, Lizzo and The Larva Ink, & more @ Groundhall/ECHO
South By Due East, featuring Good News Trio, Eric Demmer & The Sax Dawgs, New Jack Hippies, Poopy Lungstuffing/Blue Peterschnitzel, Mr. Blacc Sheep, Wasi, Zin, & Ilya, Bigga Starr, Karry-Ann Scorpian, Alligator Assassins, Jambolism, Chase Hamblin, Kinetic, The Lotus Effect, Shake Russell, The Texcentrics, Mojofromopolis, E. Nicole Band, Larry Sepulvado, The Rapture, C4, Kid Red, & more @ Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar (3PM-2AM; free!)
Los Skarnales (tour kickoff)/La Guerilla/Somosuno @ Fitzgerald’s
SXSW Overflow Fest, featuring Meg and Jean & The KFB, Joe and the Jungle, & 28 North @ Super Happy Fun Land
Ryan Scroggins and the Trenchtown Texans @ The Loading Dock (Galveston)
Ian Moore/White Dress @ The Continental Club

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