Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: South By Due East + Ryan Scroggins + Hell City Kings + The Lion of Wall Street + More

Kind of a slow-ish Friday tonight (March 11th, to be exact), which has me a little nervous that I’ve missed some big-ass show or another somewhere out there, but unfortunately, I just haven’t had time to look this week. sigh. Gonna catch up one of these damn days…

I’ve already blathered some about tonight’s installment of the SXSW Overflow Fest at the Super Happy, so go over here for details on that…

The “big” show of the night is over at Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar, however, with the kickoff for the annual South By Due East festival Guy Schwartz has been doing every year practically since I moved here. They’ve got some very cool people playing tonight, particularly ChangoMan & Free Radicals, plus a wide-ranging cast of funk, blues, and, um, I have no idea what “Spunky & The Wankers” play, but there you go.

Anyway, it should be cool, and it’ll run for the next three nights over at Dan Electro’s with a slew of bands. Marlo Blue also films the whole damn thing, as I recall, capturing it all for posterity, which is pretty neat in itself…

If you’re looking for something else, you really can’t go wrong with the show tonight at The Continental Club — I believe ska heroes Ryan Scroggins and the Trenchtown Texans are headlining, and they’re pretty damn awesome all by themselves, but I’ve also heard good things about happy-hour-playing ’60s revivalists Picture Book, too.

Just ran across a show I nearly missed over at Rudyard’s — apparently the Hell City Kings, a band I seriously need to see live, will be hitting the stage over there, along with Texas Terri Bomb & The Hot Things. It’s taken me a while to get into the Kings, I’ll admit, but I am liking ’em quite a bit these days, esp. their EP The Wolf.

And I can’t forget tonight’s lineup at Fitzgerald’s, in part because it makes me cringe every time the word ThunderkunT rolls across the screen (and no, I can’t find a damn thing about ’em online). I liked Vincent Priceless‘s remixes of The Manichean‘s song “Lacerus,” though, and I’ve heard both Delicious Milk and Skeleton Dick are fun, this is definitely worth checking out, too.

Last but not least, it’s full-on hardcore/metalcore night over at the Houston House of Creeps (love that name…), with a bunch of bands I’ve never heard of before now, like Team Effort, Fingers Crossed, and headliners(?) {They Lied}, plus The Lion of Wall Street, who I’ve heard before & been pretty damn impressed by. Go bang your head, but try not to break shit, ’cause people live there, okay? Manners, y’all.

Here’s the full list:

Ryan Scroggins and the Trenchtown Texans/Pistoleros de Tejas/The Wealthy Beggars/Picture Book @ The Continental Club
Delicious Milk/Commie Hillfiger/ThunderkunT/Vincent Priceless/Skeleton Dick @ Fitzgerald’s (free!)
South By Due East, featuring Chango Man, Free Radicals, The New Jack Hippies, Don Sanders, Neal Ford, Fondue Monks, Muzak, Wild Rabbit Salad, Six Gun Sound, Spunky & The Wankers, & more @ Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar (5PM-2AM; free!)
SXSW Overflow Fest, featuring Ugly Elephant & Shut Up Sidney @ Super Happy Fun Land
Hell City Kings/Texas Terri Bomb/The Hot Things @ Rudyard’s
They Lied/Fingers Crossed/Team Effort/The Lion of Wall Street/The Upsetter/Chemistry/Strengthen What Remains @ Houston House of Creeps (8PM; $2)

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