Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Caroline Sessions + The Slackers + Ryan Scroggins + nmperign/Jason Lescalleet + Warbeast + More

And now we roll on into the last day of the weekend, which happens to still be pretty busy, relatively speaking…

Today (Sunday, March 6th) definitely has some cool-sounding shows, starting at 2PM over at the Spacetaker offices at 2101 Winter St., with the latest installment of The Caroline Sessions. I had had Alicia Marie Gianni on the bill, for some reason, but it turns out that it’s actually File Under Jeff and Melissa Savcic who are playing this afternoon, instead. Which is cool, really, because the former plays some endearingly jangly folk-pop that’s less Fleet Foxes and more Jonathan Richman (no bad thing), and the latter is nicely quirky and sweet without sounding cheeseball (which is no mean trick when it comes to folk). Sorry for the confusion, y’all…

Speaking of confusion, the “biggie” for this evening, at least for me, is the show up at Fitz with The Slackers, which was originally scheduled for Warehouse Live but got moved for reasons I’m not privy to. But hey, I’m not complaining, so long as the band’s got somewhere to play here in town — those guys are freaking amazing, soulful trad-ska, the kind you seem to never hear anymore (hell, when you can even hear ska period). I’ve never seen ’em live myself, sadly, but their 2000 Live at Ernesto’s release makes their live show sound like a lot of fun.

Adding to the whirl of confusion going ’round my head, the WH listing showed Ryan Scroggins and the Trenchtown Texans opening for the Slackers…but the Fitz listing still says “TBA.” Hrm. Scroggins’ Myspace shows ’em having a show tonight at Fitz, though, so keep your fingers crossed for that, because those guys are pretty awesome themselves.

I want to note, by the way, that there’s no {Binarium Sound Series} show this evening, but experimental/improv music heads needn’t go hungry — head on over to labotanica (2316 Elgin), where the Nameless Sound folks have set up what looks to be an intriguing show with nmperign and Jason Lescalleet. It’s kinda-sorta a “trio,” I think, but nmperign are themselves a horn-playing duo, while Lescalleet does evil, evil things to electronics. See here for more details.

Last but not least, Warehouse Live has Down playing tonight, and while I don’t really care much about them, I do like Warbeast quite a bit (thought they were from here, actually, but are apparently based in Arlington these days). Seriously old-school, breakneck-speed, Metallica-style thrash, done impressively well…

Here’s the full list:

The Slackers/Ryan Scroggins & The Trenchtown Texans @ Fitzgerald’s
Down/Cavalcade/Warbeast @ Warehouse Live
nmperign/Jason Lescalleet @ Labotanica (2316 Elgin; 8PM)
The Caroline Sessions, featuring File Under Jeff & Melissa Savcic @ Caroline Collective (2-5PM)

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