Roky Moon & BOLT Prepare to Burst Forth Into the World — Be One of the Lucky Few to Bear Witness

A bit late on this, unfortunately, but I wanted to give these guys a shout-out, even still…

Back on Monday, the cool, cool people in Roky Moon & BOLT officially announced the kickoff show for their forthcoming West Coast tour, which’ll start Fri., April 8th at The Mink. It promises to be a badass show, honest — every time I see/hear the band, they get better and better, tighter and more focused on the awesome amalgam they’ve created of glam-rock, Rocky Horror theater schlock, and boogie-woogie rock ‘n roll, and they don’t show any signs of stopping.

I’m absolutely psyched to hear that American Honey, their recorded-in-one-day album they did a little while ago at SugarHill Studios; when I talked to drummer Jeoaf a few weeks back, he said it was already being mastered, and an update on the ZenHill Records site today seems to indicate that the thing’s nearly landed, so keep an eye out for that. (Maybe they’ll have ’em in time for the tour kickoff? Dunno.)

Beyond that, they’re got some other cool folks playing the show, namely Poor Pilate, Jim and the Toms, and a happily-(and maybe briefly?)-reunited Springfield Riots; the latter’s especially cool in my book, at least. Hell, I wasn’t even positive they’d broken up… The BOLT folks also promise “surprises” in their set, but I’ve got no freaking clue what that might entail.

There’s some neat stuff the band’s doing just for the show, too — for one thing, they’re doing a small, limited-edition set of 125 tickets “in true Willy Wonka style,” according to the band, printing ’em up on fancy-shmancy golden-ticket-like cardstock, and you can only get ’em before the show at Cactus, Sig’s Lagoon, Vinyl Junkie, Sound Exchange, or The Mink itself.

The price is a measly $6, and if you don’t get a ticket, um, well, you can’t get into the show on the night of — planning-ahead time, folks. (And for the younger set, be warned that only 20 of the tickets are all-ages; the rest are reserved for the drinkers…) Plus, if you’re a lucky bastard, you can win actual prizes — about a quarter of the tickets are special tickets that’ll get you stuff like cool-sounding, limited-edition t-shirts from CaughtIn Customs, artsy stuff, and cold beverages. Nice.

Again, just so we’re clear: if you don’t get one of those 125 special tickets, you are shit out of luck and will be missing the show. So run to your most convenient cool-ass record store, fork over your $6, and then lay awake all night in eager anticipation, golden ticket feverishly clutched in your sweaty hands.

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