Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Yppah + The Literary Greats + Paris Falls + The Soldier Thread + Beat Battle + More

Midway through the weekend, y’all, and it’s still going strong. Plenty happening tonight (Sat., February 26th), too — here’s what I think sounds cool, anyway:

Yppah/Together.We Are Instruments/Interference/Fiskadoro @ The Mink
Ah, Yppah — quite possibly the best damn “band” (I think it varies whether it’s a full band or just Joe Corrales himself) you’re more likely to’ve heard of outside of Houston rather than in. I caught them at the second Lost In Space festival and was floored; live they resemble an electronic act less than they do, say, a less-cheery Beta Band, combining organic instruments with Corrales’s electronicized touches, and it works awesomely well.

They’re playing with a pretty good lineup, to boot… I like what I’ve heard from Together.We Are Instruments, dig those weird, murky pseudo-tribal rockers in Fiskadoro, and have heard excellent things about Interference, too. Get there early & check ’em all out.

Deep Ella/Black Queen Speaks/Suite 709/The Literary Greats @ Fitzgerald’s
No, this isn’t the CD release for Black Blizzard, the latest full-length from openers The Literary Greats (that’s not ’til April 8th), but it seems the guys just couldn’t wait to unleash some more of their music on the world. Having heard (and reviewed) the album, I have to say that the band’s taking kind of a surprising turn, musically speaking, pulling in influences like The Black Crowes and Ben Folds Five and coming off less country and more pop than ever before. But don’t fret; it’s still pretty great, and I’m sure they’ll be playing some of the old stuff, too. (Damn, I could hear “Listen To The Band” for days, I swear).

Paris Falls @ Cactus Music (1PM)
Love these folks, even if I’ve only seen ’em live a couple of times now — they play ’60s-tinged retro-pop like they were born to do nothing else, honest, and that warm, rough-around-the-edges, gravelly-voiced, combined Beatles/Kinks/Floyd feel they’ve got always makes me grin.

The 71’s/The Soldier Thread/Saints of Valory/Castle Lights @ Walter’s
Not sure about Castle Lights (although I’ve heard good things) or Saints of Valory, but I heard/reviewed Austin band The Soldier Thread a year or two ago and was fairly impressed with their bleak-yet-gorgeous sound.

Plus, there’s also The 71’s, who’ve begrudgingly won with me over the past couple of times I’ve been exposed to ’em. I was pretty cynical initially, I’ll admit it, but once I got past the rock-star poses, I enjoyed the hell out of it. Besides, I can’t hate on a band with the cojones to film a video in a freaking Wal-Mart, guerilla-style and during business hours, no less:

The looks on people’s faces are priceless…

Space City Beat Battle @ Warehouse Live (Green Room)
Okay, so it’s a little less low-tech than the rap battle in 8 Mile, but I’ve always been fascinated by stuff like this, even still (probably partly because there’s no way in hell I could pull it off).

Plus, this isn’t about rapping, but about making the actual beats — contenders vie for the title of “Houston’s Premier Producer,” as judged by guest pseudo-celebs {the ARE} (who are no slouches themselves). The whole thing’s hosted by BBC, and one of the main people behind it is the supremely talented, possibly-schizophrenic Jett I. Masstyr/hasHBrown, so that’s a damn good sign.

Not sure what the deadline is/was, but hey, if you’re a budding producer, you might still be able to enter…

Norma Jean/Impending Doom/Of Legend/A dream Asleep @ Warehouse Live
Jesse Dayton @ The Armadillo Palace
Mojo Nixon & the Toadliquors/The New Duncan Imperials @ The Continental Club
Deadly Reign/Abduktion/Warhead @ The Death Star (1719 Weber; 6PM, $3)
Second Annual Texas Yoga Conference, featuring DJ Sun, DJ Hyfi, Sean Johnson and The Wild Lotus Band, & MC Yogi @ Jerabeck Athletic Center (St. Thomas Univ. campus)

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