Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: The Wild Moccasins Head Overseas + Darwin’s Finches + The Escatones + Hearts of Animals + More

Day #2 of a pretty darn promising weekend, and tonight, Saturday, February 12th, is looking especially cool. Here’s what looks & sounds good to me:

The Wild Moccasins (European tour kickoff)/Young Mammals/Wicked Poseur @ Fitzgerald’s
Talked about this one a couple of times now, but it’s pretty monumental — it’s not often a band from right here makes it across the freaking Atlantic Ocean, y’know? I’m psyched as hell for The Wild Moccasins, because they’ve worked their asses off just about nonstop since appearing on the scene here, and beyond that, they just seem to get better & better. It’s awesome that now they’re going to get to expose virgin European masses to their infectious, sweet-voiced, unassuming brand of indie-pop.

And hey, it’s the Young Mammals! Good to see them, too — those guys still amaze me, even if I, um, can’t seem to get a hold of a copy of their damn full-length, Carrots. sigh.

Darwin’s Finches/The Escatones/Art Institute @ Mango’s
Argh. I suck, I suck, I suck — I’ve got this massive pile of CDs sitting on my desk (well, okay, right now large chunks of it are riding around in my backpack), and Old Skatillivich, the full-length from Galveston-dwelling weirdballs Darwin’s Finches is practically living at the top of the pile, in desperate need of some focused attention I’ve yet to give it.

Which is especially painful because I do like what I’ve heard so far, even if it throws me for a loop every damn time; the shambling, backwoodsy strangeness these guys bring forth is hard to pigeonhole but still pretty neat; I’ve got to give it a more serious listen, and soon. They’re playing with a pair of similarly promising bands, as well, namely jagged-sounding proto-punkers {Art Institute} and League City newcomers (I think?) The Escatones, whose mid-fi, Sebadoh-gone-surf jangle is pretty intriguing. Check it out…

Hearts of Animals/Fiskadoro/Christopher Cascio @ Rudyard’s
Halle-freaking-lujah, folks. Honestly, at this point I’d pretty much assumed Hearts of Animals was dead & gone; it’s been more than a year, I believe, since they played last ’round here, and in H-town Scene Time that usually indicates that the band/musician in question has moved on to other things. I’m very, very glad that’s not the case, because Mlee‘s quirky, noisy, sweet-yet-strange take on pop experimentalism is really something cool and unique.

Of course, it helps that she’s playing with Fiskadoro, whom I’m liking quite a bit, and Christopher Cascio, about whom I’ve heard good things & who’s got a new solo album out now that I’ve got sitting on my desk right now, as yet unlistened-to (sorry, sorry; I will soon, I swear).

Glasnost/Fresh Millions/Knifight @ Fitzgerald’s
Helstar (CD release)/Metal X/Carry The Storm/Bagheera/Axis in Collapse @ Numbers
Amos Lee/Vusi Mahlasela @ House of Blues
The Ugly Beats/Amplified Heat/Matt Mayo Band @ The Continental Club
Gritsy, featuring Distal, Mayhem, Sines, Suraj K, John the 3rd, Upgreyed, Juxta, & Knome @ Groundhall
Woolfy/Bobby Dj/Ceeplus Bad Knives/G-Wizz/Mr. Castillo/Fredster/Linh Nguyen/DJ Jaycee @ The Mink
The 6th Annual Valentine Benefit for BMI and Eye Care in the Third World, featuring Double Vision @ Firehouse Saloon

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