Tonight: Born Liars + DILLAgence + Robert Ellis

I know I’ve already talked up the show I’d most like to see tonight, were I not still broken from the past several days’ traveling, but that’s definitely not all that’s going on this evening, Wed., February 9th

First & foremost, the ever-awesome Born Liars are playing a free show at Mango’s, alongside still-need-to-hear-’em (but widely-praised) band The Energy. I fucking love the Liars, seriously, and their most recent album, Fast Songs Is All We Know, has only cranked that love down even tighter. Snarling, noisy-yet-tight garage-punk heaven.

Then there’s the DILLAgence show over at The Mink, which features the excellent Jett I. Masstyr & is a benefit for the J.Dilla Foundation, which I’d, um, never heard of ’til this show.

Of course, last but not least, Robert Ellis is doing his weekly thing over at Fitz, and Ellis is always cool. So brave the cold, fellow Houstonians — it ain’t snowing, for crying out loud. Don’t be pansies like those folks up in Dallas. (Oh, wait; it did snow up there? Whoops.)

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