Tonight: Sarah Jaffe + Art Institute + Avant Garden Quinceanera + Animals As Leaders + Peter Murphy Announcement + More

Holy crap — what day is it, again? Thursday, you say? (January 20th, if we’re going to be exact…) Wow. There’s a crapload of excellent stuff going on tonight, so I wanted to at least drop the list in here & let folks know what’s happening…

Before I do that, though, a bit of news I ran across today; according to the Onstage Events site, ex-Bauhaus frontman/icon to Goth kids everywhere Peter Murphy will be coming to town on Sat., March 19th, hitting Numbers on his current US tour. Apparently he’s only playing a few shows here in the States, so get your tickets & black eyeliner ready now.

Anyway, as for tonight, I’m personally pretty partial to Sarah Jaffe over at the Mucky Duck — I love the lady’s voice — but I’m torn, too, between that, the folks playing over at Rudyard’s, the awesome instro-metal of Animals As Leaders at Warehouse Live (go early, seriously), and the slew of cool people at the Avant Garden to celebrate the many-named bar’s “Quinceanera”.

Here’s the list:

Sarah Jaffe @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
Jody Seabody and The Whirls/Followed By Static/Art Institute @ Rudyard’s
Avant Garden’s Quinceanera, featuring Chase Hamblin & Corey Power, Geoffrey Muller, Hank Schyma, Calvin Staley, Sara Van Buskirk, Taylor Lee, & Two Star Symphony @ Avant Garden (9PM)
Underoath/Thursday/A Skylit Drive/Animals As Leaders @ Warehouse Live
Changoman/Beetle @ The Continental Club
The Escatones/Only Beast @ Bohemeos
Joe Satriani/Ned Evett and Triple Double @ House of Blues

Have fun…

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