Art + Music + Zine Party, Next Thurs.

Anybody who pays attention to the music & arts scene in this city knows how closely tied-together the worlds of visual art, music, dance, theater, writing, and everything else are in these parts. Even still, it’s cool to see an event like this one that seemingly pulls it all in at one time…

They’re calling it the Art + Music + Zine Party, and that’s a pretty accurate way to describe it; it’s a mishmash of art, publishing, media, music, dance, & whatever else, all rolling together at Khon’s in Midtown this next Thursday, January 27th (the party runs from 6:30PM ’til closing time).

On the “art” front, there’ll be an auction of work by artist Chloe Stewart of MusicHeals; she’s based in the UK, and her work apparently deals with various aspects of mental illness, which makes it pretty appropriate that the auction will benefit Project Row Houses Young Mothers Foundation, focusing on therapy & counseling. Beyond that, there’ll be some kind of video installation, and probably other artistic things besides.

Then there’s the live music, including one by ms. Y.E.T. & ms. Sandy, a dance-and-music duo that combines guitarist Sandy Ewen‘s offbeat, experimental approach to playing with Y.E. Torres‘ dancing & movement. There’s also a set by local indie-rockers Another Run & a DJ set by Ceeplus Bad Knives, among others.

Can’t forget the zine end of things, mind you; there’s going to be a zine swap, courtesy of co-organizers Zine Fest Houston, who’re encouraging any & all zinesters out there to bring in their work to sell and trade.

Alongside ZFH, the whole thing’s being organized by the aforementioned MusicHeals folks and cool, arts-and-music publication Objectif Magazine (which I’ve been meaning to point to for a while now, actually, because they’re pretty neat). All in all, it sounds like an extremely cool event, one that pretty nicely reflects the bizarre, awesome, do-what-you-want ethos of our little city; check it out.

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