The Wild Moccasins Do Europe: More Details + Tour Kickoff

As previously mentioned, Houston’s own indie-pop sons & daughter The Wild Moccasins not only got themselves a record deal with New West Recs, but they’re also now headed further afield than most of our homegrown bands ever, ever, ever get — namely, to Europe, the land of cheese, wine, and decent public transportation.

Which, needless to say, is pretty badass. Before they hit the airport/road, however, the gang’s throwing a tour kickoff blowout of a show, Saturday, February 12th, up at (where else?) Fitzgerald’s; it’s a month or so away, I know, but I wanted to give y’all a chance to mark the calendars early-early-early for this one. I swear, these folks get better & better each and every time I see ’em, and 2010’s debut full-length, Skin Collision Past, is/was pretty fantastic.

Plus, they’re playing with openers Young Mammals, who are also amazingly cool, and Wicked Poseur, which is a band/”project” thing I’ve heard raves about for a few years now but have sadly never seen…

For those on the other side of the pond (or with insanely massive bank accounts and tons of free time), here’s the band’s actual schedule while they’re overseas:

26.02.11 BE Bruxelles – Le rayon vert
27.02.11 NL TBC
28.02.11 BE Gent – Cafe video
01.03.11 BE Brussel – DNA
02.03.11 NL Amsterdam – Winston Kingdom
03.03.11 NL Tilburg – Cul de sac
04.03.11 NL Rotterdam – EXIT
05.03.11 FR Paris – l’International
06.03.11 FR Lille – La Malterie
07.03.11 FR TBA Amiens
08.03.11 DE Zweibrücken – Gasthaus Sutter
09.03.11 SW Lausanne – La Brasserie du Château
10.03.11 DE Frankfurt – Sinkkasten Arts Club
11.03.11 DE Freiburg – Swamp
12.03.11 DE Stuttgart – Zwoelfzehn
13.03.11 DE Rosenheim – Asta Kneipe
14.03.11 AU Vienna – Rhiz
15.03.11 DE Leipzig – Paris Syndrom
16.03.11 DE Berlin – Bang bang Club
17.03.11 DE Hamburg – Astra Knube
18.03.11 DE Kiel – Schaubude
19.03.11 SC Copenhagen – Det poetische bureau
20.03.11 SC FREE
21.03.11 DE Bremen – Treue TBC
22.03.11 DE Hannover – Cafe Glocksee
23.03.11 DE Oberhausen – Druckluft
24.03.11 DE Offenbach – Hafen 2
25.03.11 DE Frankfurt – Recording studio
26.03.11 LUX Luxembourg – D:qliq
27.03.11 BE FREE
28.03.11 UK Brixton – Windmill
29.03.11 UK Bristol – The Mother’s ruin
30.03.11 UK Bristol – The Croft
31.03.11 UK Northampton – The labour club
01.04.11 UK York – Stereo
02.04.11 UK Blackpool – The Blue room
03.04.11 UK Hull – Adelphi Club
04.04.11 UK Leeds – The Well
05.04.11 UK Chelmsford – Barhouse
06.04.11 UK London – The Old blue last
07.04.11 UK St Albans (London) – The Blacksmiths arms
08.04.11 UK Guildford – The Star
09.04.11 UK Middlesbrough – Uncle Alberts
10.04.11 UK Derby – Vines

And look, the dates are even in that quaint Euro-style day-first-then-month format, in preparation for the tour! Dang Europeans, they’ve already gotten to ’em; the next thing you know, they’ll be using the metric system & whatnot.

Go to the kickoff, y’all, and let’s make sure the Moccasins kids want to come back from Old Blighty…

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