Cool, Cool News: Buxton & The Wild Moccasins Sign to New West (& The Latter Visit Europe!)

I’ll freely admit that I’m not convinced that signing to an actual record label is all that critical to a band’s success, these days. Hell, I’m tempted to argue that it never has been. Even setting aside the Albini-esque financial calculations of being on a major label, it’s just that it’s far simpler to DIY it all than it ever has been before (at least since I can remember).

That said, I’m psyched as hell for this particular bit of record-label-ish news: it seems that local boys Buxton and The Wild Moccasins both signed today (or announced the signing, anyway) to the very cool New West Records, home to legendary folks like Steve Earle, Dwight Yoakam, & Old 97s. So, gripes about whether you need a label or not aside, hell, the bands will at least be on one that does some truly cool stuff.

The Buxton boys will be putting out their next full-length, entitled Nothing Here Seems Strange, on the label this summer, and New West will be re-releasing the Mocs’ recent (and badass) full-length Skin Collision Past sometime this spring.

Beyond that, the Moccasins have the extra-super-bonus news that they’ll be headed out on tour to Europe starting February 26th — they’ve reportedly got dates in the UK, The Netherlands, France, & Germany, and holy shit is that cool.

Congrats, congrats, congrats, y’all. You guys have been working your collective ass off, and I’m happy to see this come out of that; it’s well deserved. Hopefully this’ll give both bands some much-needed reach outside the Houston metro area…

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