Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1 (NYE!): Warpaint + The Wild Moccasins + Mobley + New Years Noise + More

Well, folks, the end of 2010 is upon us; both the end of a year and the end of a decade. I’m tempted to take a minute to complain about the latter, in particular, because in a lot of ways the ’00s was not the era I was hoping for waaaaaay back in 2000, but heck, this decade also saw me getting married to my beautiful wife and having two awesomely amazing super-children, so I really-and-truly have no cause to gripe.

And naturally, Houston’s going to go nuts celebrating the death of the current year & the start of the next, as of tonight, Friday, December 31st. There’s a crapload of stuff going on, but I’m really only going to hit the highlights here — this is just what sounds/looks good to me, eh?

Here goes:

PEASE OUT: 2011 NYE Party, featuring Warpaint, Girl In A Coma, Ume, The Tontons, Tax the Wolf, The Handshake, Young Girls, Fat Tony, B L A C K I E, Female Demand, & Electric Attitude @ Groundhall (8PM-2AM)
Yep, I’ve talked this one up a few times already, but hell, I’ll do it again: tonight’s PEASE OUT show pretty much tops the bill, at least for me. It’s got an excellent mix of local heroes, like B L A C K I E, The Tontons, Female Demand, & Tax the Wolf, and up-and-coming out-of-towners, namely headliners Warpaint, San Antonio’s Girl In A Coma, & Austin band Ume, and I hear the newly-refurbished Groundhall is pretty sweet.

Of the bands playing, btw, there’s scarcely one I don’t like — I haven’t heard much by The Handshake or Young Girls, I’ll admit, but even then I’ve heard good things. And big-namers Warpaint, in particular, are freaking incredible, in my book, riding that sweet, sweet line between post-punk noise and narcotic indie-rock nodding-out. (I’d hoped we could cram in an interview with the ladies in the band, but sadly, it didn’t materialize in time…damn.)

FPHNYE: Free Press New Years Eve Cataclysm, featuring The Wild Moccasins, Weird Party, Golden Axe, LIMB, Fat Tony, Hamamatsu Tom, B L A C K I E, Delicious Milk, & State vs. Judd Nelson @ Fitzgerald’s (free for 21+)
And here’s the other “big” NYE show of the night, this time with an extra-special hometown-love dose of badass Houstonians. I’m not as familiar with some of these folks (I dunno much about Delicious Milk, for one, beyond the fact that Free Press Houston honcho Omar is in it), but the ones I am familiar with, like Fat Tony (who, along with B L A C K I E, will apparently be in two places on the same night; go figure), Weird Party, Golden Axe, and the awesomely strange LIMB, are fairly mind-blowing.

And hey, I can’t forget The Wild Moccasins, who are still solidly in my list of favorite bands of the moment (and that means from anywhere, kids, not just from here); the band’s debut full-length, Skin Collision Past, takes off from the previous Microscopic Metronomes like a supersonic jet, blowing the past stuff behind and getting older, wiser, & tougher in the process.

Oh, and as a side note, Austin band The Hex Dispensers are still listed on the bill but are reportedly not going to be playing, sorry — the band’s Facebook page specifically declares that they won’t be here in town tonight.

New Year’s Eve Party, featuring Lower Life Form, Mobley, Square & Compass, The Journey Agents, & DJ Smoove @ Jet Lounge
Tonight’s Jet Lounge NYE party is the underdog, compared to the two “biggies” above, but hey, it’s still scrappy. Hip-hop crew Lower Life Form are pretty badass, for one, I like what I’ve heard from Square & Compass so far, I’ve heard good things about Journey Agents, and kinda-headliners Mobley, from Austin, play some nicely keys-heavy, sweet-voiced electro-pop. Don’t count this one out, y’all.

New Years Noise – NYN7, featuring Oblive, Boar, I Like You, Go Home, The Annoysters, A Fail Association, T.E.F., Deadskeleton, Serum Fantis, Illicit Relationship, & Protists Of Nebula/Thou Shalt Not Kill…Except @ Super Happy Fun Land
Noise. Noise. That’s what the aptly-named New Years Noise show’s about, now in its seventh(?) year and still rattling fillings loose and causing skull-splitting headaches. I can’t claim to be any kind of an authority on anybody playing — although the name I Like You, Go Home is pretty awesome all on its own — but I applaud the hell out of the organizers for steadfastly ushering in the new year with blistering, paint-peeling, decidedly unmelodic sound. Fuck that “Auld Lang Syne” bullshit; blaze in the New Year to a full-on aural assault, instead.

Chelsea Hotel/Darwin’s Finches/Gnome Chomsky/Only Beast/The Nothing @ Mango’s
New Years Eve, featuring New Orleans Hustlers Brass Band @ Under the Volcano
No Cover New Years Eve, featuring The Allen Oldies Band & David Beebe & the Conrads @ The Continental Club
Turntable Fury: Live on NYE, featuring ThatKidNamedCee & DJ Needlz @ The Mink
New Years Eve Party, featuring The Hunger, Dev Electric, Raging Apathy, & Born From Ruins @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)

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