Houston Band Coalition: Still Alive & Kicking?

This is less of a “hey-we’ve-got-news!” post and more of a “what-the-hell-y’all?” post… Yours truly happened to notice (via the magic of the WordPress Broken Link Checker plugin) that the Website for the long-running {Houston Band Coalition} crew appears to no longer be working, and, well, I’m a little concerned.

Granted, the site could be down/unavailable for a crapload of reasons, but given the way things’ve been going lately, it’s entirely conceivable that the HBC could’ve quietly closed up shop & drifted off their separate ways without saying much about it. Which would suck royally — I’ll freely admit that I’m hot-and-cold on a lot of the bands that belong to the Coalition, but there are/were some good, good bands & musicians involved, and the group’s always worked hard to make H-town better both for bands and their fans.

So…anybody know what’s up? If so, drop us a line or post it in the comments, eh? In the meantime, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the Website thing’s just a temporary hiccup in service…

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  1. Connie (GoofyforJesus) on August 11th, 2014 at 9:28 pm

    Hey Jeremy! I would love to speak with you about this. Space City Rock did a review of the HBC compilation and I’d like to invite you and Space City Rock folks to a reunion party. :D I was the HBC Promotions Director for a while.

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