Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Binarium Sound Series + Yello Echo + Lonnie Vincent + More

Weekend’s almost done, but there’re still a couple of cool things going on this Sunday, December 19th… Here’s what I like that’s happening tonight:

Binarium Sound Series, featuring antennaes & Alan Garcia/Kareem Goode/Denis Cisneros/Abel Cisneros @ The Mekong Underground (8-10PM)
New installment of the {Binarium Sound Series}, and I can’t help but like the little writeup they’ve got for antennaes over on the BSS site: “a self-transforming melange of ultra-low frequencies, bliss, angelic echoes and existential activation.” Wow. I have to wonder if the real deal can compete with the description, but what the fuck? Worth a shot, anyway.

After that, there’ll be two sets of bowed-instrument improv stuff, the second set including drums along with the strings. Not sure what they’ll sound like, but as with all BSS shows, it’s bound to be intriguing.

Yello Echo/The Escatones/& Lonnie Vincent (ex-Bullet Boys) @ Mango’s
Okay, okay, I’ll admit it: one of the main reasons I wanted to point to this one is because of Lonnie Vincent, who used to play bass for late-arrival glam-rock dudes BulletBoys, who were nowhere near as tough as their name might’ve suggested and who apparently soldiered on as a band the whole damn time, albeit with different members. Bizarre.

These days, apparently Vincent now lives here, and he actually played briefly with street-punks Chelsea Hotel. Even more bizarrer. I’ve got no clue what kind of music he’s making these days, but it’s interesting to see a refugee of the glam-metal era finding a home here…

The other reason I like this show is because of headliners Yello Echo, who I only ran across recently but who sound damn promising. The music’s smart and retro-ified, sounding ’60s-ish in the best way imaginable, and with vocals that come off like a mishmash of Asli Omar from The Tontons and Amy Winehouse (no, seriously). Vocalist Crystal Tolliver is easily the coolest, bluesiest singer I’ve heard in a while now. Check ’em out…

Anatomy of a Soul/Electric Heights/Covington/The Soarce @ Walter’s

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