Vote for the 2010 Texas Buzz Awards, Right Now

It gets a hell of a lot less press than the Houston Press Music Awards, but local alt-rock radio station The Buzz has its own, somewhat more specialized awards, the Texas Buzz Awards, the nominees for which include quite a few of the coolest bands in town (and from elsewhere in Texas, too).

Now, I know, I know — some indie hipsters in town would sooner eat glass than give a shit about The Buzz, and I rarely listen, myself (“Today’s alternative”? Really?), but with the Texas Buzz thing they do, they pick some damn talented folks, like American Fangs, the last place you look, Castle Lights, From Guts To Glory, & Austinites Distant Lights. And hey, whatever you think of the station, there’s nothing wrong with a deserving band winning an award, right?

And yep, the kind people at The Buzz are letting you vote, at least from now ’til 12AM, Monday, December 20th (which I think means midnight, Sunday, December 19th, aka tomorrow). So head on over there & cast your vote.

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