The Sour Notes at Mango’s, Tonight (Plus Muhammad Ali, Hiss & Hum, Zorch, & Review/MP3s!)

Wanted to give an extra-special shoutout to Austin (by way of Houston; singer/guitarist Jared Boulanger used to be in a bunch of bands down here, I know) quintet The Sour Notes, who’re coming through our fair city tonight & stopping at the yes-its-still-running Mango’s.

They’re playing tonight with some other very cool folks, namely Muhammad Ali, who blow me away all over again every time I hear ’em, new Spain Colored Orange side project Hiss & Hum (which I’ve heard is cool but haven’t seen/heard yet), & Zorch, an Austin bunch I don’t know well but whose retro-synth craziness seems pretty entertaining.

Posted a review of the Notes’ latest release, btw, their brand-spankin’-new 7″, Hot Pink Flares, and it’s pretty dang cool. I’m liking the A-side, in particular, with its revved-up (but still sweet) guitars and Wild Moccasins-y delivery, but the B-side, “Psych Thrill,” is cool, too (in a lower-key way), as is the extra-special “digital download bonus” track, a cover of BeyoncĂ©’s “Halo.” Check out the full review over here.

And hey, after you’re done with that, hell, why not just go ahead and download the whole damn thing while you’re at it?:

The Sour Notes – “Hot Pink Flares”
The Sour Notes – “Psych Thrill”
The Sour Notes – “Halo”

Thanks to the band (new-ish bassist Amarah Ulghani, in particular) for letting us post these up here, btw. Free music == yay!

Of course, now that youv’e gone and swiped bread out of hardworking musicians’ mouths, well, you’re pretty well obligated to go see ’em play tonight, right? Right?

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