Does Facebook Hate Garage Rock? (And No, Temporary Insanity’s Not Cancelled)

Okay, nobody panic. Remember earlier, when we posted about the Temporary Insanity garage-punk-rawk fest going on this coming weekend? Well, apparently some genius at Facebook decided to not only delete promoter Travis Jones FB account (he’s using this old one right now for updates/venting), but also marked the event itself as “cancelled.” So if you click on the fest links in that previous post, you’ll get a distressing message that “This event is no longer available because it has been canceled.”

Except that, thankfully, it’s not. Travis is trying to assure everybody that the shows are still on, and nothing’s changed — no cancellations, same deal as before, etc., etc. Which is good to hear, definitely. It’s annoying that the FB event’s been marked “cancelled,” but not nearly as bad as if the real deal actually were cancelled.

So keep Temporary Insanity on your calendars, folks, even if you don’t get any Facebook reminders about it.

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5 Responses to “Does Facebook Hate Garage Rock? (And No, Temporary Insanity’s Not Cancelled)”

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    […] Since Facebook has apparently deleted Travis’ account and the event itself, I’ve removed those links from the post. Fret not, however; the show is still on, as planned. […]

  2. Travis Jones Frey on December 16th, 2010 at 10:15 am

    Facebook has resolved the issue with only this to say.


    Your account was suspended because Facebook’s security systems detected conduct that could be associated with fake accounts. Please be aware that certain account actions (e.g., becoming friends with people you know, adding photos of yourself, sending messages to your friends) can help indicate genuine behavior, and can prevent this from happening again. These actions also help you share and connect with the people around you.

    We have reactivated your account, and you will now be able to log in. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide additional information about this security system. If you successfully access your account and the matter is resolved, no further action is needed. Please reply to this email only if you continue to experience an issue.

    Thanks for your understanding,

    Does Facebook think they’re the Government now? They just shut things down without warning and give some bullshit unapologetic spiel about how it’s most likely my fault.

    Either way I am back, the page is back up and the show is still on!

  3. Jeremy Hart on December 16th, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    Wow, that makes even *less* sense than any possible explanation I could come up with. So, what *is* “conduct that could be associated with fake accounts,” then? Are they saying you weren’t making enough friends or adding enough photos of yourself, and that’s why they shut you down? That’s utterly ridiculous…

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