Happy 5th Birthday to The Mink, Tomorrow

Yep, another happy occasion is upon us: tomorrow night, Friday, December 10th, cool Midtown venue/bar The Mink will be celebrating its 5th Year Anniversary with a blowout party, and it sounds pretty damn cool.

There’ll be plenty of music, obviously, including a set by Young Girls, who’re releasing their debut 7″ tonight, plus Stephen Farris of Ghost Mountain and DJ sets by Dayta and Le Hibou. I’m told there’re also cheap drinks from 9-11PM and some kind of door prizes, but I’ve got no clue what the latter’ll be… (Oh, and I think the whole thing’s free.)

Anyway, stop on by, raise a glass, & enjoy some music — I like what I’ve heard of both Young Girls and Farris, and Dayta’s one of the best damn DJs in town, so y’know. Glad to see the place is still alive & kicking, five years on.

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