Giveaway Time: PEASE OUT New Year’s Eve Party, Pt. 2

Warpaint - Photo by Mia Kirby
Okay, so there was a teeny-tiny little something I neglected to mention last Friday, when I posted about the pair of tickets we’ve got here at SCR to give away for Couch Professor Entertainment‘s stellar-sounding PEASE OUT New Year’s party.

We’re actually giving away more pairs of tickets, one for each Friday from now ’til NYE, when the show actually happens. So, if you’re bummed you missed out on last Friday’s giveaway, well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got another pair.

To get ’em, just send an email (like before; duh) to “contests” at “spacecityrock dot com”, with the Subject line “I hate werewolves,” and we’ll let you know if you’re the lucky winner. No fancy-shmancy hoops to jump through or anything, don’t worry (although I’ll admit that some Twilight fans may take umbrage; meh).

And as I mentioned before, this promises to be a pretty badass show — lots of awesome bands, particularly local faves The Tontons, heavy/melodic ex-Houstonites UME, and murky/sexy/cool band Warpaint. That’s the latter band over on the right, and what I’ve heard from this year’s full-length, The Fool (released in October on Rough Trade), has been great.

Here’s a damn fine preview of the whole thing, btw, courtesy of the Groundhall folks:

Groundhall NYE 2011 Pease Out from jason bass on Vimeo.

So there you go; drop us a line, win a pair of tickets, and celebrate the death of ’10 in style.

Warpaint photo by Mia Kirby.

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