24 Hrs of Hardcore, Online

Thanks to Craig Hlavaty of the Houston Press for this one…

Steven Blush, the author of the book American Hardcore: A Tribal History has a new(?) section of his Website, 24 Hours of Hardcore, which is just what it says: 911 classic, heavy-duty hardcore/punk tracks, from Suicidal Tendencies to Jerry’s Kids to Gang Green & beyond.

Be warned that the site’s been slow lately (possibly because it’s seeing a lot of traffic?), but keep trying; it’s pretty damn cool. You can download the MP3s for all the songs, too…

By the by, apparently American Hardcore‘s 2nd edition is out as of November 10th — I’ll admit that I’ve never read it, but the movie based on the book was pretty neat, so I’ve got high hopes. (Hopefully it’s better than All Ages.)

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