Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: heyBABY! + Jason Webley + Cory Derden + Michelle Yom + Adam Butera + More

Well, it ain’t as crazy as it’s been, but tonight, Sunday, November 14th, still has some cool-sounding shows going on. Here’s what I’m liking at the moment:

heyBABY: an art & music experience in celebration of the birth of julia & john’s baby, featuring Muhammad Ali, Square & Compass, The Cutters, & a ton of artists @ ERS Gallery (3210 Preston)
Okay, so it was a tough call for the top show on my list this evening, but this one wins both in terms of badass music and cool-ass themes.

See, it’s kinda-sorta a baby shower, minus (I think?) the insanely-priced presents, for John Zambrano of Muhammad Ali & his wife Julia Claire, who’re expecting a wee bundle of joy on the way. Ms. Claire’s an artist, so she’s recruited a bunch of art-y friends to come up with “BIRTH BABY AND VAGINAL ART” to decorate the ERS Gallery — and yes, I’m somewhat terrified by the thought of that — while Zambrano’s bringing his own band’s Mudhoney-esque noise-with-melody rawk, plus Square & Compass, about whom I know zero, sorry, and The Cutters, which is reportedly a band made up of members of Muhammad Ali, Davey Crockett, & The Points (um, as in the DC band? damn…).

Anyway, it sounds like a lot of fun — as far as I know, it’s open to all, so go by & wish ’em well. Oh, and it’s early, starting around 5PM. Congrats, y’all!

Jason Webley/Cory Derden @ Notsuoh
Not sure why I haven’t heard more about this, but this is gonna be a great show, too. Local boy Cory Derden plays some awesomely haunting, downhome, backwoods-tinged folk music, and from the looks of it, he can play pretty much any instrument you hand him (dammit, I hate people like that; I can hardly even play one…).

And better still, he’s opening for the amazing Jason Webley, who’s this crazy New Yorker who plays the accordion and sings deranged drinking songs that sound like Tom Waits on speed, and lately he’s been involved in that even-weirder Evelyn Evelyn thing Marc talked about a while back on this here site. Simply put, he’s an interesting guy and a mind-melting musician. The show starts at 8PM, according to Webley’s Website, and it’s a $6 cover.

Binarium Sound Series, featuring Adam Butera & Michelle Yom @ The Mekong Underground (8-10:30PM)
Two veterans of the local H-town experimental scene, right here (both of whom played the previous Resonant Interval series of shows, I believe): Michelle Yom is a flautist who does really crazy-sounding things with her flute, and what I’ve heard has been damned intriguing; less familiar with Adam Butera, but I know he’s been in both Kai/ros & Exterminating Angels. Butera will reportedly be playing some old-school Casio keyboards he’s gotten a hold of, but I doubt that means it’ll sound like the theme to Mario Bros.

Paradise Titty (Guns N’ Roses tribute)/Vivian Pikkles and The Sweethearts Uber Alles/Maybe, Baby @ Walter’s
Best. Tribute. Band. Name. Ever. Okay, I take that back — “Paradise Titty” (which is an all-female GN’R tribute band, naturally) ties with Lady Gaga tribute “Rad Bromance” for the title…

IMAGES/The Wrong Ones @ Vinyl Junkie
Senses Fail/Bayside/Title Fight/Balance and Composure @ Warehouse Live (Studio)

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