Dia de Los Muertos (+ Puppets!), Tomorrow

I’ve always, always, always wanted to go to this, believe it or not, but it’s just never worked out (and yeah, it won’t this time, either; depending on how sick other members of the fam are, I’ll either be hanging out at home or hitting RenFest).

At any rate, for those without previous commitments and/or illnesses, well, tomorrow (er, today), Saturday, November 6th, is the “Family Fiesta” part of the 23rd Annual Día de los Muertos celebration deal over at the Lawndale Art Center. And as with all the years past when I’ve meant to go, it sounds like a blast — there’s plenty of artwork to be viewed, obviously, as well as crafts for the kids (who doesn’t like painting sugar skulls?)

Plus, there’s lots of performances. There’ll be music by Cecilia Duarte of the Houston Grand Opera, dance performances by Mixteco Ballet Folklorico, and — neatest of all from the perspective of yours truly — kids from Paedarchy Puppets doing puppetry.

They’re a cool-sounding bunch of kids that includes SCR‘s own Robin B., and it sounds like this’ll be their last performance, with everybody heading off to college & all that stuff. Check ’em out while you can, eh?

Details, details: the Family Fiesta runs from 1-4PM, and yep, it’s free. Always a good price…

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