Tonight’s Shows, Very Late…

Hey, all — apologies for the lateness of this, but I’ve been knocked-out by a nasty (but apparently somewhat shortlived) cold/flu thing, and just got back on my feet/keyboard. Which sucks, ’cause there’s a lot of cool stuff going on tonight that I’d fully & totally planned on posting about. sigh.

At any rate, if you’re not out & about already, here’s what you need to get out & see/hear:

Suicidal Tendencies/High on Fire/Municipal Waste/Kylesa @ Warehouse Live
Of Montreal/Janelle Monae @ Numbers
Cobra Skulls/Dead to Me/All At Sea @ The Mink
Stoner Pop Nite, featuring Arthur Yoria & Gilbert Alfaro @ Etro Lounge
Heart @ House of Blues
Lovers/The Kimonos/Wails/Locke Brady @ Fitzgerald’s
Jacques Renault/Daetron Vargas/Ceeplus Bad Knives/G. Wizz/Fredster/Mr. Castillo @ Avant Garden
Luke Lukas/Season Ammons @ Rudyard’s

Damn. If I weren’t still feeling halfway like I was about to puke, I’d be having a hard time deciding where to go, honestly…

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