Knights, Age of Revolution EP

Knights, Age of Revolution EP

I guess it’s kind of redundant to say that some pretty great bands come out of Austin; hard rock progressive bank Knights are no exception. On their EP Age of Revolution, singer Nick Longoria and bandmates Cody Pierce and Matt Herzig piece together four huge, sweeping rock anthems. What’s stellar about these boys is not only their musicianship and songwriting, backed by excellent vocals, but the solid production and recording quality, something that’s been a stumbling block for quite a few bands. The EP captures the essence of what makes Knights notable.

It can’t go without mention however that these guys sound almost exactly like Muse circa “Knights of Cydonia,” which makes me wonder if that’s where they got their name. I don’t see that as a knock on the band, though, because really, there are a lot worse bands you could pattern yourself after — Limp Bizkit, for example — and with their talent, they’ll easily be able to hone their influences into their own unique sound, hopefully without alienating their current fanbase of Muse lovers. It’ll be interesting to see how these guys continue to progress and grow, but until then, check them out now.

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