Another Run, I’ll Be There

Another Run, I’ll Be There

It’s refreshing when a rock band isn’t afraid to mellow it out, groove a bit, and be emotional. I had heard of Another Run, and before I had a chance to listen to their music, I had this image of them in my head — from hanging out with bassist Bob Lane at Cecil’s — that they were this balls-to-the-wall, brass-knuckle outfit with detuned guitars, metal riffs, and gravelly scream-core vocals. So I was shocked when I popped in their latest album, I’ll Be There, to find these guys are more U2 than Madball.

I’m still in a zone of disbelief as to how they completely shattered my misconceptions. Their seven-track disc is about taking time to let the music breathe and inhabit and then finally move and inspire you, but in a tight commercial package. It’s not a stretch to say that Another Run is soulful, with hints of blues and funk, yet they are still undeniably a rock band.

I heard overtures of a lot of great bands in Another Run’s sound. There was a hint of The Cure, a touch of U2, and even The Doors, and then they swerve in their own direction with it. Locally, they remind me a lot of the feel of Mechanical Boy and Legacy Fails. If you’re looking for something that you can mosh to or hype yourself up to commit a felony, this is not it. If instead you’re looking for something to ride to, mellow out to, or cry over a broken relationship, then you’ve come to the right place.

Feature photo by Brian Ramirez.

(self-released; Another Run --

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