KTRU: Down, But Not Out

Update: A press release just went up on the Save KTRU site, from a group of concerned folks called Friends of KTRU, who’ve retained a lawyer to fight the sale. Hell, yes.

Damn. Got the news today that I’d really hoped I wouldn’t hear — the sale of Rice U.‘s beloved, ultra-indie radio station, KTRU to the University of Houston has been finalized. Rice and UH have both signed on the line that is dotted, in spite of furious protests from students, alumni, and faculty at both universities, not to mention the Houston community at large. Apparently the concerns of the people you’re actually supposed to be serving don’t mean shit when real-live money’s on the line.

In case you’re wondering, yeah, I’m mad as hell about this. I suspected both parties would indeed go through with the deal, but I’d hoped that the public outcry might make them think twice; I know for a fact that there are a lot of disgruntled people out there in the Houston area right now who’re going to think twice about ever donating to Rice, UH, or KUHF again. Personally, I don’t even need that second thought — none of those entities will be getting a fucking penny from me.

Current students at Rice, I hope you’ve been watching what’s been going on here, because in spite of the behind-the-hedges mindset I know (from firsthand experience) most students have, trust me, this will affect you. This was the university selling the assets of a student organization right out from under ’em, with no consultation or notice of any kind, period. And if they can do that to one of the biggest (not to mention most self-sustaining, since the equipment’s mostly been donated, the license was paid for, and the staff mostly worked for free) student groups on campus, what’s to stop ’em from doing the same to any student organization. (MOB folks, you don’t really need those uniforms, do you?)

This whole debacle has displayed just what kind of people run the show at Rice, and watching it unfold has made me sick to my stomach. My precocious little girl’s talked about wanting to go to Rice like her daddy did pretty much since the first time she ever saw the place; if this is what Rice is like in the new millennium, however, I want no part of it, for me or for her.

With all that out of the way: the fight’s not over. Not yet. The sale now goes to the FCC, which has several months to decide whether it’s kosher; according to UH, that could happen as soon as next January. Until then, though, KTRU still lives, and the fight will go on — there are still plenty of outraged people out here planning on fighting this ’til the bitter end. And there is hope, believe it or not, although I can’t really go into why I’m declaring that right at the moment.

So keep it up, y’all. Go to Save KTRU and see how you can help, and tell as many people as you can about this thing. It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

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