Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Warpaint (MP3) + Young Mammals + School of Seven Bells + Hell City Kings + Fiskadoro + More

A busy, busy, option-filled night tonight, especially for a Sunday — considering that it’s the pseudo-auspicious date of 10/10/10 today, though, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Here’s what I think looks cool, at least:

Warpaint/Young Mammals @ Fitzgerald’s
Easily the most hotly-anticipated show of the night, and I’d say it’s with good reason — from all the reports I’ve heard (not to mention the music I’ve heard), Warpaint are pretty damn incredible, all slinky/murky yet sharp-edged indie-rock that rides a mesmerizing, near-hypnotic groove right into the ground and doesn’t stop even then. Check out a track from the band here:

Warpaint – “Undertow”

Of course, Young Mammals are no slouches, being one of the flat-out best live acts I’ve ever seen in this city (including ones I paid quite a bit of money for), all blazing fire, grin-inducing hooks, and rock-solid, head-snapping rhythms. If you’ve never seen ’em, you need to. You’ll thank me later, trust me; I was a skeptic once, too.

BTW, this was originally slated to be at The Orange Show; not sure why it was moved, but now it’s definitely at Fitz

School of Seven Bells/Active Child @ Warehouse Live
I’ll be honest; ’til I saw that School of Seven Bells were coming through town, I’d never even heard of the damn band. Now, however, having heard some of the band (and with SCR having run a real-live interview with band “instrumentalist” Benjamin Curtis) and knowing a bit more about it — the fact that Curtis was a member of The Secret Machines made me view the band in a bit of a different light, I’ll admit — has fairly well won me over. I’m a sucker for all that M83/Ulrich Schnauss-like nu-dreampop/synth-pop stuff, so SOSB is really up my alley, in that respect.

Swingin’ Utters/Krum Bums/Hell City Kings/The American Heist @ Walter’s
To all the punk fans out there: this is pretty much where you need to be tonight. Right? Swingin’ Utters are classic scummy, Cali-style pop-punk, and beyond that Hell City Kings and The American Heist do nicely rough-edged, snarling punk-ish stuff, too, the latter more on the rootsy side and the former more on the bang-your-head side of things. Haven’t heard an actual release by the Heist yet, but the Kings’ The Wolf EP is pretty damn cool.

Binarium Sound Series, featuring Fiskadoro & The Great Travis Kerschen @ The Mekong Underground (8-11PM)
Being the noise neophyte I am, tonight’s installment of the Binarium Sound Series actually marks the first time I’ve heard both bands on the bill of one of these things… Funny, that. I’m glad to see it, too; I’m liking Fiskadoro‘s Lake Jackson-dwelling, quasi-tribal stomp more & more each time I hear it (download the band’s See Jungle EP for free over here to see what I’m talking about), and while I’ve never heard/seen Travis Kerschen in this particular form, I’m impressed by his A Thousand Cranes project. This’ll be a good one, seriously.

Frank Nitt/Illa J/Snap/HasHBrown/Mic Skills @ Groundhall

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