Dull Knife

3318 Mt. Vernon St.
Houston, TX. 77006
“dullknifeproject” at “gmail dot com”

Dull Knife is hands-down one of the neatest labels in town; I can’t claim to be a huge fan of every band whose music they release, but they do some really good stuff (all vinyl, naturally). The first Hearts of Animals 7″ was/is pretty excellent, as is BalaclavasRoman Holiday LP.

Lately they’ve put out releases mostly by out-of-town folks I’m not real familiar with, like Canadian Andre Ethier (of The Deadly Snakes) and Marylanders Rosemary Krust, but they still look/sound very cool. And hey, there’s apparently an Ash Castles on the Ghost Coast double-LP in the works, too, so…

By the by, a lot of their releases appear to be way, way, waaaaay out-of-print, so snatch ’em up if you see ’em in a record bin somewhere.

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