Cool Movie-Related Thing: Closet Space Out on DVD Today

Hey, just wanted to mention this real quick, both since it’s cool and since we here at SCR are all about supporting our own, yo (as long as what they’re doing is good, anyway)…

Quickly-rising horror film director, longtime SCR staffer, and all-round good guy Mel House is finally releasing his film (from 2008?) Closet Space on DVD today, up at The Comic Book Orphanage, which is apparently inside Traders Village off of 290.

He’ll be on hand at least part of the day (not sure which part) to sign DVDs & shake hands & kiss babies & whatnot, so if you’re into horror, indie filmmaking, or cool things in general, I’d urge you to get on up there & say “hey,” then grab a copy of the movie on DVD. I’ve only ever seen bits & pieces myself, but what I’ve seen looks very cool…

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One Response to “Cool Movie-Related Thing: Closet Space Out on DVD Today”

  1. creg on September 14th, 2010 at 9:45 pm

    i’d love to review it!

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