Tonight: KTRU Benefit Concert/Party #2 at Rice Memorial Center!

Fight on, fight on, fight on. Contrary to popular belief, the deal to sell Rice University’s beloved radio station, KTRU, to the folks over at KUHF ain’t done yet; in fact, the growing public outcry about the deal seems to be making both universities wonder what the hell they were thinking in the first place.

Which is a damn good thing, from where I sit, and the pressure needs to continue — I’ve got no clue what kind of a legal basis could be used to stop the sale, but actual legality matters little in the grand court of Public Opinion, and that’s where this fight’s got to happen. I’d ask/plead/beg anybody and everybody reading this to run on over to Save KTRU and do whatever you can to help, before it’s too late…

But hey, those crazy KTRU kids aren’t going to let something as paltry as the station being sold out from under ’em stop ’em, right? So tonight, Thursday, September 9th, they’re throwing a free bash on the Rice campus, at the Grand Hall of the Rice Memorial Center (if memory serves, that’s the big, ballroom-like space right when you walk in the main doors), starting at 9PM.

The show’ll feature SCR favorites Fat Tony, who’s one of the best rappers in town right now, bar none, B L A C K I E, who will break your head wide open with his beats & then give you a goofy grin (any bets that those rippling, speaker-shredding bass riffs will drive off some poor, scared college kids?), and Giant Princess, who rip and tear their way through bluesy, sharp-edged, kinda-indie rock that’s just this side of Modest Mouse. Oh, and DJ iPod Ammo, who I’ve never heard but who has a freaking great name, will be spinning stuff in-between.

Anyway, the music will be gooooood, guaranteed. Go, hang out, bang your head, whatever, then donate what you can to the cause and get yourself a t-shirt, some CDs, and a bunch of stickers. It did my heart good to see that familiar yellow-and-black KTRU sticker plastered on the back of a car coming back from San Antonio this past weekend; I wanna see more.

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