Tonight’s Houston Sound Series Kickoff, Cancelled

You might’ve heard/read recently about this new thing called {The Houston Sound} — it’s a non-profit deal that’s aimed at getting Houston’s burgeoning music scene recognized and growing even more than it already is, and it sounds like it’s going to do some great stuff in the coming days.

First and foremost, though, the group’s starting a series of free concerts at the newly-renovated Market Square downtown, which they’re calling The Houston Sound Concert Series. There’re several shows scheduled, all of which look cool to me, and the whole thing was supposed to officially kick off tonight, Wed., September 8th.

Except that it isn’t, unfortunately. Tonight’s kickoff, which was slated to have Beetle and the Soular Grooves crew performing, has been cancelled due to the torrential rain H-town’s been receiving & will reportedly continue to receive for a while yet. sigh.

Ah, well — the kickoff’ll move a bit, to the already-scheduled “next” installment on Wed., September 22nd, with Roky Moon & BOLT and Two Star Symphony, both of whom are utterly awesome. Mark yr calendars and pray for no rain, y’all.

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